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Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

eHealth Level 2 Champion Workshop Application Form 2012/2013

If you are currently an eChampion interested in enhancing your knowledge and skills around eHealth please complete the following registration form to attend the eHealth Champion Level 2 workshop.
The purpose of the eHealth Champion Level 2 workshop is to expand the knowledge and skill level of current eChampions to take a lead role in the acceptance and adoption of eHealth in point of care activities, integrating best practices, knowledge, information and technology in daily care.  

eHealth Level 1 Champion Workshop Application Form

Over the next two months the Nursing and eHealth project team will be holding a total of eight Level 1 Nursing eHealth Champions workshops across Ontario. The objective of the Nursing eHealth Champions Network and the workshops is to support understanding, acceptance and adoption of informatics in Point-of-Care activities for nurses and other members of the health team in a variety of healthcare organization and to develop support strategies for colleagues in the workplace.

Methadone Speakers Bureau Feedback Form

Please provide us feedback of what you thought of the Methadone Speakers Bureau, and let us know of any future speakes you would like to see.
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